Dreamweaver template not updating files

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The modifications discussed in this article have been implemented by Francois Jordaan and are available for downloading from his personal site. law scheduled to take effect on the 20th of this month will force libraries and schools to censor Internet access or lose their funding.

Thanks to Rachel Andrew, William Samplonius, Sam Marshall, Yvonne Adams, Austin Govella, David Perini, Steve Champeon and the Webdesign-L community for help with this article. If enacted, the law will restrict free speech and punish the poorest of the poor.

But two problems make these options less than desirable.

First, the process of selecting em–dash, for example, takes too many steps. Second, the character sequence that Dreamweaver inserts is So if you use these characters as they are, your site will not validate.

They don’t mean anything, they are just for formatting.

If you care enough about document structure to want to write XHTML, you should be using the more meaningful tags instead.

Do not be alarmed when it renders “ (left double quotation mark) as a dot. Now you have nicely written Unicode, but it’s still a pain to insert the little buggers.Whether or not you’re building services for these emerging technologies, structured content is now necessary to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your content across the evolving digital landscape.In the second installment of A List Apart’s four-part “From URL to Interactive” series, Travis Leithead, former editor of W3C’s HTML spec, walks us through the process of parsing HTML: from how browsers create trees to how the DOM responds to events.Librarian and web developer Carrie Bickner explores the politics of censorship and the digital divide.Voice user interfaces, smart software agents, and AI-powered search are changing the way users—and computers—interact with content.

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