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"I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation," La Beouf said. We don't want to assume that Fox cheated on Green prior to their 2010 wedding, but La Beouf's convoluted answer leads us to believe that franchise in 2009 after she referred to director Michael Bay as "Hitler" in an interview — that reportedly didn't sit well with producer Steven Spielberg. "To add insult to injury, [the photographer] claims Brian threw his i Phone into the deep blue sea." (Let's hope he had insurance on that device.) A man standing up for his lady is uber-hot and all, but these two need to learn how to chill before someone In September 2012, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green welcomed their first son, Noah Shannon Green, but not before a harrowing car ride to the hospital.

"But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen." times before adding, "It was what it was." Yeah, he doesn't sound guilty. On top of that, her relationship with Green had also hit a rough patch, and the two called off their engagement earlier that same year. Considering how fast their relationship went from turmoil to wedded bliss — and, might we add, Green's son from a previous relationship, Kassius, was the only guest in attendance — we can't help but wonder if their families and friends were supportive of their quickie nuptials? "I was screaming for an epidural when [Brian Austin Green] was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and I was immediately — it was level orange alert pain," Fox told Despite the excruciating pain, Fox was determined to look her best by any means necessary.

Michael Bay, Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox in 2009 La Beouf conveniently waited to release this information, regarding sleeping with Fox, until days ahead of "Transformers 3" hitting theatres and when he is well out of director Michael Bay's reach on a film set, having stated this was his last sequel in the franchise.

Fox was fired on Steven Spielberg's order, for calling fellow Jewish director, Bay, "Hitler" in Wonderland magazine.

Then again, it wasn't just When Megan Fox filed for divorce in 2015, Brian Austin Green was publicly roasted for requesting spousal support from Fox, but the guy had good enough reason to request monetary help from his estranged wife.

uncovered court documents that revealed Green suffered from vertigo and had been unable to work after an accident exacerbated his medical condition.

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In the July 28, 2008 article "Actor Shia Labeouf Arrested On DUI Charges" the Judiciary Report rhetorically asked regarding Fox and Labeouf, "I wondered before why those two never dated..did they." Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox kissing in 2008 Months later, reports surfaced of Fox leaving La Beouf's home very early in the morning, which led other websites to write they were having sex.

But although age ain't nothing but a number, their age gap still makes many people feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

), "Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to you, and you're rooting to be attracted to them." In layman's terms, La Beouf was suggesting he and Fox hooked up on set.

reboot and announced on his website: "TMNT: we are bringing Megan Fox back into the family! Before they filed for divorce, they had disagreements about this situation." A frustrated Brian Austin Green allegedly wanted "another life than just being a dad." However, even after Fox filed for divorce, the couple continued to be photographed and were reportedly dedicated to maintaining a stable home life for their sons. In April 2016, a supposedly single Megan Fox surprised the entertainment world by announcing she was pregnant with her third baby, and for a moment, she wouldn't reveal who the father was, which sent Hollywood into a tizzy.

" It seemed like things were looking up, but Fox would soon figure out that being a working mom could wreak havoc on her marriage. Okay, so let's recap what the rumor mill has told us: He supposedly needed her to financially support him, but he threw a hissy fit when she attempted to earn a living for their family? After months of playing coy about the status of their relationship, Fox called off her divorce from Brian Austin Green in July 2016 and confirmed that they were preparing for the arrival of their third child.

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