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Each district has a district council, formerly district boards, for which the districts were established in 1982, when Hong Kong was under British rule. Wan Chai The districts of Hong Kong are the 18 political areas into which Hong Kong is geographically and administratively divided.The district councils initiate, organise and sponsor community involvement projects and activities aimed at enhancing community spirit and social cohesion and promoting the well-being of people in the districts.These range from large-scale district festivals to the formation of local youth choirs and dance troupes. The police, fire services, health services and hospital authority, and postal service In the 1860s, residents speaking the same dialects were often grouped together, and social structure was more important than district structure.

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The first "Town Planning Ordinance" did not appear until 1939.

They have also achieved notable success in improving the local environment by undertaking minor environmental improvement projects such as the provision of rest gardens, rain shelters and amenity planting.

In the 2003/04 financial year, 5.6 million has been allocated for the district councils.

The Home Affairs Department is responsible for the District Administration Scheme, community building and community involvement activities, minor environmental improvement projects and minor local public works, and the licensing of hotels and guesthouses, bedspace apartments and clubs.

Note that the median monthly per capita income is deduced from the median monthly domestic household income, the average domestic household size and the labour force.

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