Definition of dating a cougar who is brett michael dating

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Dating a cougar is becoming increasingly common as younger men expand their definition of what’s attractive and the idea of age gaps become more acceptable. But treat her imperfections like you would a person of your own age — they are unique to her and enhance her unique beauty, rather than detract from it.

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She should love herself and the skin she’s in, and you can help. If you’re dating her, you must love something about the way she looks. Now, if someone comments on how great she looks for her age, you can whole-heartedly agree! The best thing you can do for her is help her embrace it and take as much joy as possible in the changes her body is going through. You love her eyes (those never really get older), and her wrinkles, and the way she does her hair.It's the best cougar/cub dating platform I could find currently available. Usually your youth would be a positive aspect in your relationship. If you’re impulsive with your money or spending habits, it’s going to bother her.What are the things you should know about dating a cougar? The good news is, this is something you can change and isn’t part of your core identity.

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