Deal your friend dating your crush

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Take it from Chelsea* who had a bad experience with this after connecting one of her friends from high school, Kaitlyn*, with her college best friend, Michael*.“I really wish I hadn't, because their relationship has been bad for my friendship with both of them,” she says.Telling someone you’re into them is possibly one of the most awkward things to do, especially if you’re questioning whether they like you back.To avoid some of this awkwardness, we naturally turn toward our friends and our crush’s friends to see if they know.

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By involving their friends, you give them the opportunity to control your situation.It’s possible that going to your crush’s friends could make them feel that way.“I made the mistake of getting my boyfriend's friend involved, and it lead to my boyfriend asking for a break because it only made things worse,” Megan Mann, a graduate from Purdue University, says.But involving your crush’s friends can be dangerous.If you’re in this position right now and aren’t sure if you should get your crush’s friends involved, here are a few reasons why you really shouldn’t.

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