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He asks me how my day is going, remembers our conversations from earlier, refers back to them, and sends me cute videos and photos of himself at work. After our great first date, I was absolutely certain I was never going to hear from him again, until he asked me out three days later.He is engaged in a way that lets me know he's thinking of me even when we're not together, and it's allowing me to develop feelings for him. He will only text me sporadically, and when he does, it's brief sentences and one-word answers.

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I also somehow came to the conclusion that texts look best all lowercase and without punctuation, so I make an extra effort to send all of my messages that way.

You'll be able to depend on your partner to text you first healthy. If something doesn't feel right, then maybe it's not right for you.

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You should feel confident that they will reach out to you, and if they haven't yet, you won't feel insecure about reaching out to them.

If the texting in your relationship is healthy, you won't be questioning it or reading into it.

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