David cook dating kimberly caldwell 2016

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The various efforts he’s made have helped put his career to where it is now. As of early-2016, sources estimate that his net worth is at million, mostly earned through a successful career in the music industry.

Prior to “American Idol”, he was already playing for bands and had made a few recordings.

Rumors emerged saying she cheated on him, however, Kimberly has denied it, and her rep has confirmed that they are still friends.

He would then marry his long-time girlfriend Rachel Stump in 2015.He was able to get a theatre scholarship at the University of Central Missouri, but eventually abandoned theatre to study graphic design, then after school, he moved to Tulsa to try and pursue a career in music.Even during high school, he was already playing in bands.It's all...well, everything except the mustache is a plus.The difference between David Cook now and David Cook a year ago is...shorter hair. There's a lot of ancillary things surrounding me that are extremely different.

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