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Men can have incontinence due to an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery, but other causes may play a role too.Most men have mild post-void drips, hence the oft-quoted, "No matter how much you shake and dance, the last two drops get on your pants." But frequent, excess leakage after urination is not normal, says William Steers, M.

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Delaying the surgery can also help you avoid erectile dysfunction.

In addition, men are more likely to be involved in car or motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries or active-duty combat, which puts them at higher risk for spinal cord injuries that can trigger incontinence, says Nancy Muller, Ph.

"Only recently have major incontinence brands come out with gender-specific adult products." Men can find absorbent or disposable underwear, ranging from briefs to boxers, as well as compression pouches that support the urethra, in most pharmacies.

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