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Also, it seems wise to get to know someone first to see if you are compatible before you connect in a dating relationship.

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You just might become the type of person who meets bespectacled babes in used book stores. The benefit of scouring the single seas in the wintertime is that during those cold, dark, snuggle-conducive months, the mindset at large is more relationship-oriented.She doesn’t obsess over a guy who’s dumped her for far too long or imagine herself in a white dress and veil with someone who is clearly not pursing her.And, a mature person trusts that God really does know best. Whether your dating life has been desert dry and you haven’t had a date in months (or years), or you’re just starting to like someone, new beginnings in relationships can be fraught with questions and angst. It’s important to focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Most often the images portrayed of dating on TV, movies and other media is the world’s way—with levels of emotional and physical intimacy that are contrary to Christian beliefs.”) and the uncertainty (“Will we ever get together again or was that just a ‘one and done’ event? A few of the ways to honor someone in a relationship, according to what God says, are being more other-centered than self-centered, and holding back on total physical intimacy (sex) until after the commitment of marriage.

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