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If red heads are what rock your boat then give Find a Ginger a try.

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Those stereotypes don’t just live on screen — they dictate what a person assumes when a redhead walks into a room. I’m the exception, and not all guys are going to see the beauty in that.

Because people like me, who are different, need something distinctive too.

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But the idea that people have certain assumptions because of the way I look does.

When we’re on screen, the way redheads tend to be depicted are by the stereotypes we fall into; gingers can be fiery (Joan from ), among other things.

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Similarly, people who don’t fit neatly into the mold need partners who can spot our bird-of-paradise quality, people who can look beyond the current stereotypes and see us for what we really are — goddamn gorgeous gingers (GGGs, if I may).

Eroding the pre-existing notions people have about redheads will take time, and in the interim finding partners who accept us may take an elaborate mating dance or two… But if you’re one of those who recognize the natural beauty of red hair, don’t be afraid to flaunt that — Erin La Rosa received her MA in writing at USC and her BA in Fiction from Emerson College. She has appeared on numerous talk shows on behalf of Buzzfeed (such as CNN’s Headline News, Jimmy Kimmel) and has performed at venues such as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in the storytelling series, Funny but True.

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