Dating violence pamphlet canada

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Contact a lawyer referral service, a legal aid office or a public legal education and information association to find out where you can get legal help and if you can get help free of charge.Many police officers are trained to respond to family violence.Call your provincial or territorial government for information about health and social support services in your community or ask your local community centre for advice.They may be able to offer information, counselling and provide referrals to social workers.Many police services across Canada have special domestic assault units with police officers and other professionals who will listen and try to help you. Check the first few pages of your telephone book for the phone number.If there is someone at your place of worship whom you trust, tell them what is happening.

Your family doctor can give you advice on what to do if you are being abused.

If you choose not to call for help right away, then keep a list of these phone numbers in a safe place you can get to easily.

If you have serious injuries, you should go to a hospital.

The police are trained to help you deal with dangerous situations.

They are there to investigate and can also help you to get a peace bond. Victim services or a lawyer can help you get a non-criminal protection order to keep the person who abused you away from you.

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