Dating vintage radios

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These are indicative of dials made between 19 by Silvertone.

The plates for dials during this time were less ornate and more streamlined.

Images of early Silvertone dials can be seen at the website

dating vintage radios-35

dating vintage radios-66

dating vintage radios-63

I chose to col­orize most of the pre­war cat­a­log illus­tra­tions to give an approx­i­ma­tion of how the par­tic­u­lar set looked.Later models also featured a rectangular dial with the word “Silvertone” written on it. The logo was often placed on the radio bezel, the knobs, on the radio itself, or on the informational sticker placed on the chassis.Look for warranty information provided by Mission Bell Radio Inc.These radios were only available in California and are fairly rare.Examine the speakers for a part number or the body of the radio for a model number.

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