Dating vegetarian women

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He works as a personal trainer and lives in an apartment with a friend.His hobbies are playing tennis and playing bass guitar…I am pretty shy, and nervous around people I do not know, and have never done online dating before. I am changing the things I can such as plastic use in my house, using my own grocery bag etc. I enjoy good conversations, new experiences, learning new things, cycling, Pilates, Qigong, and yoga.I am not a social person, but am very friendly to all. Committed to spiritual meditation path , regular yoga practise . I know how to relax and take life easy when it's time. I am not much for small talk, and I am not mainstream. I enjoy spending time with my family and a few close friends.Like, suddenly making the decision that you’re never going to eat a steak ever again - that’s hard, that. Vegetarians, so full of resolve, kindness, strength of will - they must be really attractive to a potential partner, right? The research paper, called “Eating Meat Makes You Sexy: Conformity to Dietary Gender Norms and Practices,” was published in the recent issue of Psychology of Men and Masculinity and points to a surprising conclusion: vegetarians are… University of Padova researchers Susanna Timeo and Caterina Suitner carried out a number of experiments (sounds scary) on 228 men and women under the age of 50.This included, in one case, giving 50 women a bunch of fictional descriptions of potential men, and asked them to rate each one with descriptors such as “attractive,” “ideal partner,” “sexy,” and “I would date him.”Here’s an example “man”:“Alessandro is a 29-year-old guy…I would rather just spend most time with my special guy. I was always the family photographer in my family, ever since I was young and was given my little Kodac Instamatic Camera. I often get asked about my ethnicity so I'll just go ahead and answer that now. Love music of deva premal, prema hara, gina sala , prem joshua , poetry of Hafiz and tagore , bhangra dancing . Play tennis , ski , swim ,sun and travel to India most years for time out. a sensitive soul; passionate, romantic, very affectionate, playful and pragmatic, spontaneous and analytical, humourous and forthright, irreverent and respectful. I am a voracious reader, work out daily, and listen to music almost constantly: mostly Classical, a wide range of Jazz, Blues, and some Classic Rock.What I want most is sincere, loyal, trustworthy companionship at this later stage of life. I do not know the technical aspects of photography, but I have pretty good eye, and I love to take beautiful pictures of beautiful scenery, people & animals. I spend lots of time hiking, camping, going to concerts and festivals, and lately trying to grow veggies. Corporate consultant, author, yoga teacher and entrepeneur. You learn to get along easily with such good company as you grow up. Favourite places: concerts, live theatre, movies, museums, art galleries, the gym, and my garden.

Sure it’s irritating when you take a date to a steakhouse and she orders the Portabello mushrooms, asking the waiter repeatedly if it was cooked on the same grill as meat.

But just like you wouldn’t question a Kosher person for not eating pork, so you shouldn’t question a veggie for not eating, well, pork. But this open-mindedness also has to work both ways.

So little jokes and off-handed comments about vegetarianism (“how many vegetables had to die for you salad? Some vegetarians can be fanatical about their lifestyle choices and try to convert you.

I do love to travel, but just don't HAVE TO anymore. I am intelligent and can contribute to a conversation of a variety of topics. Passions: my son; preserving our natural environment for him and future generations; and leading a healthy life.

But, if the right man wanted to take me, I would love to see more coast & lighthouses in the USA! I have been into taking care of my health throughout my life before it was popular. I am gratified that through my work I have had the opportunity to influence others to not only change their dietary and lifestyle habits for their own benefit, but for the benefit of our planet as well.

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