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For instance, trilobite-bearing beds are supposed to reflect a time when trilobites were the dominant life form on earth, and dinosaur-bearing beds are supposed to reflect a time when dinosaurs were dominant on the earth.

However this view is weakened because the range of fossils from one supposed time period keeps extending and overlapping fossils ostensibly typical of another period of time in the past.

In this article, I will examine some examples of increases of overlap of fossils that are assigned to different geologic periods of time.

At first, Bible-believers tried to cope with this discovery of successively-different types of fossils by retreating from the single Creation and Flood as clearly described in the Bible and replacing them with a series of creations and global floods.

I provide a few recent examples of this, and then show that stratigraphic-range extension is not the exception but the rule.

The constant extension of ranges simultaneously reduces the credibility of the geologic column and organic evolution, and makes it easier for the Genesis Flood to explain an increasingly-random fossil record. Instead, they tend to be found at specific horizons, and these horizons can be located in rocks all over the world.

These include such mechanisms as the sorting of organisms during the Flood, differential escape of organisms during the same, ecological zonation of life-forms in the antediluvian world (such that different life-forms in different strata reflect the serial burial of ecological life-zones during the Flood), and TABs (Tectonically-Associated Biological Provinces—wherein different life forms occur in successive horizons of rock as a reflection of successive crustal downwarp of different life-bearing biogeographic communities).

All of these mechanisms do away with the notion that horizons of fossils demand successive passages of time during which the organisms lived.

It is a colonial member of the Tetrasporales, and may be responsible for certain coal and petroleum deposits.More than 120 fossil genera have been described, some dating back to Cambrian and Precambrian strata.This fossil diversity contrasts remarkably with the fact that today there are only eight extant genera, including the familiar "mermaid's cup" Acetabularia.But what are the ramifications of fossils seeming to occur in multiple, different horizons in the earth’s rock strata?Is the succession of life-forms, over long periods of time, the have provided a variety of alternative explanations for fossil succession.

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