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Precinct 3, Precinct 4, Belleville Precincts, Brushy Creek Precinct 6, Castleberry, including Castleberry Precincts, Jamestown Precinct 9, Oldtown Precinct 10, Gravella Precinct 11, Evergreen, including Evergreen Precinct 14, Ca Uihan... ::"::::::::l:::::::::: 742 Wards Precinct 17, Alexander. • Part annexed to Calhoun County in 1907; part of Calhoun County annexed in 1907. Precinct 1, Andalusia," including Andalusia A ndalusia town Precinct 2, Fairfield Precinct 3, Opp,^ including Opp town Precinct 6, Loango Precinct 7, Watkins Precinct 8, Davis Shop" Precinct 9, Florala," including Florala city .

cinct 17 and part annexed to precinct 16 between 18. :t 16, Crews' 2 :t 17, Lauderdale " Covington County.. Red Level town " Precinct 13, Green Bay Precinct 14, Copperas Head...

In the states organized from the public- domain and surveyed under the national land system, what is termed the congressional township has gener- ally been taken as the basis of organization of minor civil divisions.

In New England, and in a portion of the country strongly affected by New England migra- tion, the counties are generally divided into towns which often have many of the powers that in the South and in the newly settled West pertain to the county.

In some states different designations are used for the civil divisions of different counties; thus some counties in Nebraska and Nevada are divided into townships., while other counties in the same states are divided into election precincts; in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota townships, election precincts, and school districts appear as civil divisions of different counties.

Some counties in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont report, in addition to towns and cities, which are the regular minor civil divisions in these states, a certain number of plantations, gores, grants, surpluses, purchases, locations, and islands; these des- ignations generally represent partly organized or un- organized territory laid off by the state authorities for different purposes.

Ward I Precinct 3, Barton Precinct 4, Cherokee, including Cherokee town.

» Returned as Lumber Mills in 1900, (5) 6 STATISTICS OF POPULATION -ALABAMA. Precinct 1, Jacksonville, including Jacksonville Jacksonville town I 'rennet 2, A lexandria Precinct 3, Weavers j Precinct 4, Coldwater Precinct 5, Polkville Precinct S, Greens Schoolhouse. Precinct 10, Rabbit Town^ Precinct 12, Iron City Precinct 13, Oxford, 4 including Hobson city and Oxford town Hobson city Oxford town Precinct 14, Sulphur Sprii Ward 1 . Precinct 1, Hickory Flat Precini I 2, Pearsons Cross Roads 1 .

Precinct 5, Hamburg and Five Points » Precinct 7, Lanett, including Lanett town. Precinct 9, „ Precinct 10, New Harmony and Waverly io Precinct 11, Oak Bowery Cherokee County..

THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES POPULATION BY COUNTIES AND MINOR CIVIL DIVISIONS 1910,1900,1890 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation OOhunt Thirteenth Census or the United States: 1910 BULLETIN POPULATION : UNITED STATES NUMBER OF INHABITANTS, BY COUNTIES AND MINOR CIVIL DIVISIONS Prepared under the supervision of WM. HUNT, Chief Statistician for Population This bulletin gives the population of states and terri- tories, by counties and minor civil divisions, as enum- erated at the Thirteenth Census, taken as of April 15, 1910, with comparative statements of population for 1900 and 1S90 where possible.

In many of the states, and particularly in those of the western part of the country, there have been in the last 20 years a number of changes in the boundaries of counties as well as in the minor civil divisions which oftentimes make a comparison with the preceding census enumeration out of the question.

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