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[Read: 10 reasons why you might need to take a break from dating] #7 One night stands are not for you.

You hate having quick, meaningless flings with anyone.

You don’t have much of an issue leaving behind old feelings and moving on to another relationship, without having a bit of time off to adjust to single life.

#5 You can’t remember the last time you were single.

Welcome to dating like tests we are providing love and relationship tests so take the most accurate quizzes about relationship and love.

These quizzes are created for fun but it may provide serious results with advice.

They’re the kind of person who simply cannot be single for longer than a few weeks without losing their mind.

They flit from relationship to relationship with no real breaks in between, often discarding any previous feelings they had toward someone else.

You’re not the type to roll over after sex and just go to sleep.

It feels like the last time you were officially single was years and years ago, and it only lasted a couple of months until you moved on.

Staying single for a long period of time feels foreign and uncomfortable to you.

It's fun to evaluate relationships, as it brings you closer as a couple.

It may reveal things that may need to be worked upon, and also highlight reasons why you ought to stick together.

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