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means additional travel on top of your long-haul flight, and this can add to your costs as well.

For example, if you have to get a separate ferry or puddle jumper to your final surf destination, you may want to book a flight that is more expensive but arrives in time for you to make that connection (saving you an additional hotel stay in a no-surf location).

First, however, let’s consider some hidden costs that nobody ever talks about in these “how to find cheap flight” articles. In my backpacking days, I would buy the cheapest ticket (which often had the longest itinerary and was on an ultra-budget airline), then hop off the plane and straight to the nearest bar/club/concert.

However, along with my alcohol tolerance, my body’s tolerance for sleep deprivation, discomfort, and time spent sans showering has decreased dramatically since my twenties.

If you know you are going to be flying at a busy time of year (Christmas or around summer holidays), plan to book 6 months in advance.

Give yourself a deadline for booking your ticket and stick to it.

Getting cheap flights is great, but do not let the process of booking your flight get in the way of anticipating and enjoying your vacation!

Over the next couple of days, we looked at all of the sites, checked all of our mileage and credit card point options, amended flight dates, and seriously considered 45 hour itineraries.

Luckily, we did find reasonable flights, and actually booked them this time (still paying about 30% more than what we would have a few months ago).

If you are taking boards, you have a few other things to consider. We’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of airlines and their surf baggage policies found anywhere online – use it to plan your next surf trip and avoid heavy excess baggage fees.

The Ultimate List of Airline Surf Baggage Policies While the base fares might be more expensive, the free board allowance on airlines like Singapore, Virgin, and Qantas may actually make your trip cheaper (plus the entertainment and food options are better! For many of us, the point of a surf trip is to get away from our crowded mushburger home breaks to surf pristine, uncrowded, perfect waves.

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