Dating more than one person

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There is nothing wrong with keeping your options open when dating more than one person at a time, but you must be respectful and keep all of your partners in the know.

If you are in a serious relationship and find you are with someone who might be seeing multiple men or women at once.

The first rule of dating multiple people at once is to never deceive the other person into thinking you are in an exclusive relationship. Be honest about keeping things casual, even if the relationship is new and you are not ready to divulge the gritty details of your other exploits.

It may seem like you’re playing the field, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with testing the waters before you jump in.With experience comes wisdom and she also shares some lessons learned along the way helping others through her consulting services.She also co-hosts the Sex Love Chat Podcast and Twitter chat discussing current topics about sex and love.If you’re looking for a long term relationship, dating more than one person at a time should only be a temporary arrangement.Your ego might tempt you to pursue dating many at once for the long term, but it will only cause more problems than it’s worth because of potential emotional attachments and competing intentions, especially if things get physical. Dating should be fun and should have a purpose, keep that in mind and your experience will be a positive one. You can always Ask Single Dating Diva a confidential dating question on

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