Dating jealous

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The more you entertain it, the more you do weird stuff.

And for the boys or guys out there, if you love your girlfriend or wife, you will not make her feel jealous and sad in the first place, right? She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions.

Some might as well say it shows distrust and doubt in your relationship.

Most of the girls do this when they want to find out who are you hanging out with and who do you talk every day. Ignoring him Another sign that she is jealous is when she ignores you.

No matter how untrue it is, she would still dig up dirt on the target.

She would casually mention to his boyfriend that the girl had a lot of boyfriends or flunked out of college. Checking his phone like a detective Girls have a detective side as well.

So when they get jealous or think that you are dating someone else because you’re staying late at night outside.

She won’t think twice to check your phone if you have another girl and even if it has a password.

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