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How did the transition to dressing like a woman begin? I was through trying to hide who I was to please other people. She had known I was gay but she was waiting for me to tell her. I saw one of the guys whisper something to one of the women. They would heckle me but they would not say anything directly to me. I think it is because with guys I can be somewhat of a fetish to them. My dad never got a chance to hear my music, but because of him I am into music.

Since 1992, I have had six friends that were murdered when a guy took them home. You have always been this way.” So you believe you were born with these feelings?

What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

Some tell me that they wish their woman would be that way with them and I don’t even mean sexual things. Guys want someone to be good to them when they get home. Women don’t need to be holding the baby and picking up toys when their guy gets home. You get the truth out of a guy when he is laying down. When he is laying down and you are rubbing him, massaging him — that is when you get the truth out of him.

This is why I realize that I have to be in charge of protecting me. If you felt safer, would you go out for the night with boobs? Did you find that friends that you had prior to being a crosser dresser were not understanding of the changes you were going through? To this day, all my elementary school friends say, “You have always been gay.

I needed to find places that were gay friendly but not necessarily gay bars.

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