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These are the most important things for you to remember when that fresh excitements starts to fizzle out. The honeymoon phase being over does NOT mean that your relationship is getting worse and worse.But at this point, you have to reassess how you feel about the person.Do you still see a future with them and enjoy their company or has most of your affection faded? [Read: 15 telltale signs you’re truly in love] #2 Figure out what brings about arguments.I’m sure you’ve noticed that you’re arguing more and more as your honeymoon phase fizzles out.When do all the fun times come to a screeching halt?Truth be told, it’s a little more complicated than just a single number.But if you take longer, that excitement lasts a long time.What to do when it ends If you’re not prepared for the honeymoon phase to end, it can be extra difficult to deal with.

When you separate your time with them, you don’t get to further your relationship as quickly and that will make your honeymoon phase be more drawn out.

On one hand, you have all those feel-good hormones rushing through your brain making you happy but on the other hand, you’re also on your best behavior.

You don’t want to risk saying the wrong thing or messing up a relationship before it has even begun. And the next thing we need to address is how long does this great phase last?

You enjoy every moment with them and you never even fight. Sure, we know that we’re always giddy because it’s new and exciting, but that isn’t enough to warrant an entire phase of a relationship, is it?

The truth is, it has to do with chemicals in your brain and also the way you carry yourself.

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