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page=1)Be aware that these numbers — while considered by most authorities to be accurate — may be substantially off.

The coded serial number style began in February or March 1965.

For example, 946119-976 would be a June 1994 Tennessee Rose, the 976th made.

Lower numbers will always appear on earlier guitars, higher numbers on later guitars.

After the war that method continued, but some guitars had the serial number embossed on the headstock.

With the advent of labels in the late `40s, the serial number is usually found on the label, which is usually visible through the soundhole on hollowbody models.

They started, sensibly enough, at 001, just writing the number inside the back.

Beginning in about 1957 a new label was introduced, which lasted until about 1965.

On this one, "" was printed in black on an orange shape that vaguely resembles a musical note. On the white part, the serial number is printed, and the model number should be handwritten.

Remember that 20 guitars will, of course, not begin with a 9.

Also, on guitars built in October, November or December, the third AND fourth digits denote the month.

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