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Maybe it's not the 'manly' thing, maybe it's that, or maybe it's something else.It means that he/she has not logged onto to that particular dating site within the last 3 weeks. Dating agencies use this ploy to make it appear that more people are actively looking for a relationship than is actually the case. but for me the proper age to join a dating site is 18.Be firm with him that this will never progress past where it is, and please for the love of FSM don't guilt trip him if he expresses the need to distance himself from you for a while. I think the biggest thing is wanting to give him a chance, because in the end you really don't know. You can't tell a guy he's not manly enough he'll just think you want him to have muscles, be a douche, treat you like crap, and hit on everything that walks his way.He may not be able to handle being friends while he tries to move on. That's what manly means today, at least to men.

I do believe you're putting words in my mouth.I totally understand what you mean by saying you want someone "manlier."A lot of "nice guys" think they are loyal, dedicated, selfless, etc when it comes to girls, and they often rage about the friendzone because the girls would rather date "assholes." But in reality, they project a kind of weakness about them.As if they spend all their time wrapped in a blanket writing cheesy poetry and solemnly staring out the window pining over their soul mates. How could any self-respecting person say they'll wait for 2 years for someone to decide to like them. You say you're inexperienced, so just know that you should never feel bad or insecure about your preferences and desires.My emotional urges are telling me to tell him straight up there's nothing between us, but the rational part of my brain that knows that he would unconditionally love me and treat me right tells me to take him up on the offer. Being able to accept one's feelings and show emotions takes confidence; but you associate tears with weakness and that its not manly.Showing emotions is not a weakness, but strength to be vulnerable and open up. It sounds like you want someone who is a take-charge type of person, a bit more stoic and won't bull shit you.

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