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British Berlin Airlift Association: The requirement for membership is simply to have been engaged either directly or indirectly on the Berlin Airlift.Servicepals: A social network website for serving and ex-serving military personnel.It is a contact website, a reunion website, and an associations’ website rolled into one.RAF Regiment Association: Provides a means of disseminating information to all those who have served in or are still serving in the RAF or RAux AF Regiment.For those who served in the Royal Navy or Royal Air Force, applications can be made to the Ministry of Defence as above.For those who served with the Australian Armed Forces, a very good and informative website is available at: Australians (in my humble opinion) lead the field in this respect, as many of the service records are now available, free at the point of use, on the internet.RAF Comrade Contact: A website set up by RAFA specifically for the Royal Air Force community.

They are a growing community that offers a variety of things for their members.

Forces Reunited is a community that can definitely bring families together and old friends who’ve just lost touch, or finding information on your great, great granddad you wanted to know more about!

You can get information on over 1 million British Armed Forces personnel records, and from dates starting from 1630. Whether you’re a member or not the site is easy to navigate and can easily find any regiment, base or ship. With Forums, News, Guidelines on how to find who you’re looking for. We’re both happy and proud to have such a respectable community on board.

They help people from the British Forces easily find their family and friends and help people to stay in touch with one another.

Their special message, unity, and drive to stay connected is something that can really touch your heart.

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