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Think about the times when you experienced a genuine connection with someone who wasn’t a romantic partner. Maybe you were driving down the highway together, rocking out to 90’s music.Maybe you were taking a walk around your neighborhood or nursing a glass of wine in one hand and a big bar of dark chocolate in the other.Maybe you took a spontaneous 4-day trip from Florida to Los Angeles with a friend (like I did that one time), traveling across the country and collecting memories and stories along the way. Cellular devices that were once the size (and probably weight) of bricks, now come in hundreds of sleek and lightweight options.Cell phones and apps have become our life lines and our security blankets, our matchmakers and our plus ones.

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It hurts quite a lot, and I feel like I’m kissing Robin Williams awake from the dead. p.m.: I notice we’ve fogged up all the windows, and I feel a certain pride in this—in this weird thing created by the business of being alive, by breaths. p.m.: He wants to make sure, again, that I am sure I don’t want to come over, because he has blackout curtains.

In seconds users can create collaborative Pinterest boards with friends.

Now we can work together to plan the next vacation or “staycation” adventure.

Map out each stop, search for hotels along the route, view road trip itineraries, take pictures and make memories.

This app will have us sitting in the passenger’s side of our best friend’s ride in no time!

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