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The sun rose and set on Samantha, and she immediately became a massive part of my life.

Life with Samantha was not all roses and smiles, though.

One way or another, the relationship was far from healthy: regular fights and arguments, often culminating in “I never want to see you again” breakups and “it’s going to be ok” reunions, left us both emotionally exhausted and depleted after just 16 months.

Sophomore year came around, and before classes even officially began, I met Samantha (name changed for privacy) – an incoming freshman who, in many ways, was my female counterpart.From my perspective, Samantha had been raised to be tremendously self-centered and spoiled by her doting parents – a condition exacerbated by a series of “drop everything and drive across the state overnight to bring you flowers when you’re sad” boyfriends who fed both her ego and her impossibly high expectations.From her perspective, I was a workaholic who put my company above all else, and made excuses to avoid supporting her as I should.As I would often lament to friends and family, in every other aspect of my life, when I want something, I read up about it, learn how to do it, and then go out and do it.In this way, results are directly proportional to effort.

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