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In Paris, more Muslims live than in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.According to CIAWFB in 2000, the Muslim population in Paris was 4.082.222.For example, the Muslim would give a piece of the ritual meat to his Serb neighbor.The Catholic would bring eggs to his Muslim, Serb, and Jewish friends for Easter.Any human communication is basically persuasive by nature.

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The actual culture on the ground, the “low culture,” has no problems when it comes to differences.

In modern times where the world is bombarded by media and other peoples’ perceptions of reality, stereotypes are the tools for processing experience and human communication.

We costume and dress up our perceptions communicating through simplified schemes for decoding the significances of the notions in the world that surround us.

Diplomats and all kinds of people come to Bosnia to search for interesting and “never before” experienced things.

Most of them come prepared with information obtained from Wikipedia or the media during the war.

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