Dating a man with child from previous relationship

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I wanted to go to my house for a bath, unwind from very long workday.

But, was persuaded to come straight over and relax at their house. When I arrived, my bf and I spoke for a few minutes and then he disappeared somewhere in the house.

You can try to have a talk with him in a way that is as non confrontational as possible.

Tell him how you feeland that everything you are trying to do is to help the child, not go against him or come inbetween her and him. He is discussing engagement -- my hesitation has increased daily, as these issues have been ongoing. Ahh Samantha, some of us have a great talent in finding relationships that are complicated right from the start, your case.

when dealing with morals, standards, punishment and consequences.

If this doesn't happen, then you will forever be reprimanded in front of the child and that's not good at all.

In many cases, people who have never had children sometimes tend to be a tad bit strict as compared to folks who already have kids and know about the trials of parenthood. So try to keep this in mind if you second guess some of his parenting styles.

I was one of those, lol..didn't have much patience dealing with kids. Bottom line, get on the same page when it comes to discipline. Step parenting can be a wonderful there and good luck!

He needs to talk with you about the children's behavior. As for feeling second best: His having you play babysitter is not fair if you are given no say in anythig the child does.After calling and looking for him, I saw he was behind closed doors with his daughter.She was upset about something and he was consoling her.This enhances the wedge between us that I feel when he has the child.There are many postive things - I love him very much and the child is very affectionate and loving to me.

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