Dating a japanese guy

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We respect and appreciate each other and we make sure to tell each other that.My best advice is to find someone who makes your life easier and more enjoyable.I find solace in thinking that this kind of article is probably read article equally eye-roll worthy.The tips include: “Not too much make-up” “But enough make-up” “Dress girly” “Don’t ask about his job” “Don’t get too close” “Let him pay”.The whole tone of the articles seemed to say: What’s the point of coming to other countries, embracing other cultures, and actually creating mixed couples and families if you just shut your side down and don’t add anything to the equation?

I have been out of the dating game for many years now so I’m no expert but these misconceptions are just degrading for both Japanese men AND foreign women.

This kind of advice sounds very old fashioned and doesn’t fit all the Japanese men tastes.

But it’s the whole “” vibe what really rubs me the wrong way.

Name: Seiya Maeda Born: April 10, 1989 From: Goshogawara, Aomori, Japan Job: Computer Programmer Hobbies: Japanese Tea Ceremony, Reading, Working Out I met Seiya in a guesthouse (sharehouse) in Tokyo in August, 2016.

The day I moved in was also the day that he moved out. He offered to give me some of his furniture and we got to talking.

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