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The Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust Team have been fantastic, they have had to get to grips with a new venue, new departments and offers, new team members, a new Chief Executive and the changing expectations of today’s visitors and this is just the start of our future operations.

There is no denying Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust is a complicated business and organisation to operate but it also so rewarding.

Charity Number – 514219 501 Birmingham New Road Dudley West Midlands DY 557 6265 Governance Message from Chairman Message from Chief Executive Mission & Aspirations 2017 Recap Strategic Enterprise Gift Shop Catering Heritage Activities Education Volunteering Engagement Events Operations Boat Trips Health & Safety Maintenance Staffing Finance Working Group Historic Boats Working Parties Membership Archives Governance Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust Alan Garnell - President Jeff Luesley - Chairman Alan Hazeldine - Finance Paul Smith - Health & Safety Richard Jones - Membership Kate Bennett - Volunteering David Caunt Richard Langford Kerry Ingram - Board Secretary Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust Enterprise Alan Hazeldine - Finance Judith Luesley Traci Dix-Williams Diane Griffin Matthew Dix-Williams Peter Dodds Alan Garnell Richard Jones Alan Hazeldine Working Group John Rudge Pauline Farnell Alan Hazeldine Mike Skidmore Hilary Skidmore Chris Round Bob Dale It is easy to see charities having a difficult time and being under review for how they operate.

Having a board that is representative of the community they serve and who possess the skills and expertise needed to attain their goals is key.

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We have a strong base business with our trips, restaurant and corporate event facilities and, as I said above, are weathering current uncertainty well and have no reason to believe that this cannot continue.Our future is full of growing visitor numbers, new boats, new tunnels being opened, new exhibitions, new routes of engagement and new and flourishing partnerships.I am conscious in my small contribution here I unashamedly mention the word “new” a lot.Incorporated 18th September 2015 Registered Company Number – 09784120 Charity Number – 1166460 DUDLEY CANAL AND TUNNEL TRUST ENTERPRISE LIMITED Incorporated 18th September 2015 Registered Company Number – 09784120 DUDLEY CANAL TRUST Incorporated 17th January 1965.Charity Number – 240545 DUDLEY CANAL TRUST (TRIPS) LIMITED Incorporated 17th June 1983.

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