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Those who shun long distance relationships have not known the power of true love.

Get all romantic and old fashioned with Touch Note. Hey Tell gets that sometimes you just want to hear the angelic voice of your beloved.Got a favorite show you always made time to cuddle up on the couch to enjoy? Well, cocoon yourself in your favorite pile of blankets and open the Rabbit app. "The cool thing about Without is that it totally gets your longing while also respecting that you are two busy people operating in a chaotic world.Your loved one can join you as the app synchs whatever your watching so you can watch together miles apart without spoilers. And, according to Greene, it's very important to let your partner know that you miss them. It is so important to let each other know that you truly miss being with them in person.I have witnessed long distance relationships make it to marriage by way of Whats App.This staple app allows for calls, messaging, and leaving voice recordings. The creative app allows lovers to send messages using sketches created on your lock screen.

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