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However, if Victor does hire career staff in the future, the tax rate would need to increase."They are going to want to hire a couple of daytime firefighters, paid firefighters. That led the Town Board to form a Victor Public Safety Emergency Services Committee.

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I think it is safe to say that the consolidation will happen some way or another at some point.

Only three interior firefighters — those trained to fight fires inside buildings — in the department are younger than 45, "the age group of what we feel represents the prime age for firefighting," he wrote.

The consolidation would have combined resources and materials as well as ensured that someone is always on the clock and ready to respond to a call, especially during the day hours when Victor has the fewest available firefighters.

Allen Park is struggling to overcome a million deficit with a million annual budget which could be greatly remedied with a merging of emergency services departments.

New Models For Emergency Services According to the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the latest trends in shared services and consolidation of emergency departments are creating new models for providing residents with access to assistance.

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