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Their friendship grew, and Ching admitted to her what he had been thinking since the day they met.They decided that God really was calling them to be together.She knows many young people want to travel and be independent before getting into a serious relationship. She doesn't go to the organized singles events put on by the Catholic church.

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Them's fighting words for Walter Yoshimitsu, a deacon and manager of diocesan services who oversees young adult ministries for the Roman Catholic church here.The importance of this demographic means other groups are sensing the opportunity to step in with programs aimed directly at luring young adults.More and more, announcements of singles ministry meetings are joining religious education and the ladies' sewing circle as mainstays in the church bulletin."I don't think it plays in long run," the deacon said.Shortly after that, she moved here and got involved in the young-adult program at church. Robertson said their love story is no different than that of many couples who meet through common interests.They went to a church they enjoyed without the specific aim of meeting someone else, and that's when the right mix of connection and chemistry "just happened."If only it were so easy to duplicate their story.

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