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This first analysis of the use of the nursery area by YOY S.The first estimations of site fidelity, home range, or distances travelled for these sharks in a nursery area associated to a river mouth generated an important research baseline for further investigations in the area and the entire Mexican Pacific, as large concentrations of juvenile sharks were found near the river mouths in Sonora Bizzarro et al.Also, the KUD home range estimation in the present study is much higher than the 1.This difference may be due to 1 the short duration of these studies, which never exceeded from 72 h of telemetry active tracking, 2 the YOY S. In the present study, sharks remained in a reduced area during the daytime, but they did not show a single core area of residence during this period, they have a higher KUD than other periods.The KUD during the day was the largest in five of the six S.Complete site fidelity was observed within the first three months of the study for YOY S.Get this from a library getting real about race: However, zinn and eitzen note, the protective image of the family has waned in recent years as the ideals of family fulfillment have taken shape today, the family is more compensatory than.

Temporal variation in the artisanal elasmobranch fishery of Sonora, Mexico.However, they used conventional tagging, and it is probable that the real distance traveled was higher than the estimated. These "relative" small displacements are responsible for having a relatively small home range, if compared to other species YOY such as Negaprion brevirostris km2, Yeiser et al.However, the estimation of the MCP home range in the present study is double than that previously estimated for S.This difference could be related to the variability of the environmental conditions of a nursery area associated with a river mouth with the input of seasonal water or the presence of large predators.The great input of nutrients and organic matter discharged by the river plume during the rainy season generate a suitable habitat for zooplankton development Schettini et al.

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