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“So, you can then start trying to figure out, language wise, who this person is I’m chatting with.” At some point, she believes CATT could even teach officers to better portray a 10-year-old victim by perfecting constantly changing factors like language, emojis and acronyms.“In these types of operations, our goal isn’t to entrap people,” she said.The advert doesn’t come from laziness or lack of involvement.The parents are keen for their children to have a really solid sex education, and know that there are some areas they’re simply not best equipped to explain – such as transgender and non-binary identities, which they describe as ‘an area we would really struggle in.’ The children in need of the sex chat are the parents’ eight-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son, and topics to be covered include ‘how sex is between two people who are in love’, consent, sexuality, periods, STIs, sexual protection, anatomy, pregnancy, and ‘other gender types’.

For the right person, they’d be willing to pay £2,500 for the task.

Seigfried-Spellar said law enforcement officers are inundated with cases involving the sexual solicitation of minors – some interested in sexual fantasy chats, with others intent on persuading an underage victim into a face-to-face meeting.

CATT allows the officers to work through the volume of solicitations and use algorithms to examine the word usage and conversation patterns by a suspect.

‘Like most parents, we were hoping we would have more time before this became a problem; ideally, I’d avoid it altogether,’ write the parents.

‘But we’re at the point now where they aren’t satisfied with the answer we’re giving them.

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