Characteristics of an intimidating woman dating asians in audtralia

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If you’re a guy and you’re dating her then you need to be warned: Treat her without respect and she’ll tell you to go back to where you came from.

She isn’t “clingy” or “needy” like those other girls, and she won’t hesitate to leave if you make her life even slightly worse.

You don’t need a man to tell you what your life is worth, and that is awesome.

They don’t do this by walking around with a chip on their shoulder though; in fact, just the opposite: they are living their life the way they want.

If you’re treating her like crap, she simply won’t have it.

She’ll walk away no matter how long you’ve known her.

Likewise, if she makes a promise to you, you know she’ll keep it, no matter how difficult it might be to achieve.

A strong woman sticks to her principles and what’s morally right.

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