Chace and taylor dating

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Crawford plays Billy Lefever, a newlywed Floridian who dreams of starting a laundromat.

On the drive up, however, Billy and his wife Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) veer off the highway, destroying their pickup truck and the uninsured washers and dryers strapped to the truck’s bed.

He insists it's awkward to be taking their relationship public postmortem."It’s a cool deal because it’s not one of those hateful breakups. "We let the song speak for itself, plus we’ve done like ' Three Chords and the Truth,' we did ' Amen.' Both videos are tear-jerkers. Let’s make it fun for a change."Don't expect this window into Rice's love life to be cracked wider anytime soon.

He's not ready to settle down — he prefers to take adventure trips with friends over romantic trips with a lover."Most people probably won't know I'm getting married ...

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Even with directing the extras, it was really cool. He does a lot of oners—just one take with the crane. KITSCH: Tell me about Park City and how that’s its own character in the show. But I bought a truck and I’ve been fishing and hiking and all that. You remember in some of those moments that you don’t have to do too much to be really poignant. KITSCH: I feel those kind of actors and far and few between—the guys that make you want to work, the guys that are so grounded, that don’t have to be so fucking literal all of the time. I’ve had the most fun working with him in these scenes.

I killed it, obviously, but I woke up super sore and I had this kind of physical scene. And with creating a scope and creating this world—it’s got to be entertaining and it’s got to have the drama there and all that jazz, but with some of the nuances of the backdrop I thought they did a really good job. CRAWFORD: I loved working that way and I know Rebecca [Rittenhouse] did too. I think it’s a step up for me in terms of the work. People forget that it’s all this commotion and stuff going on. I was listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen, actually, when we shot the pilot. He almost does so little—without doing much he says so much. It’s interesting because he’s a producer on it too. I thought this guy might be getting the credit and that’s it, but he’s been so hands-on and involved, and just a nice soundboard.

Rice keeps details of his love life private in most cases, but shards that he and the woman in the video were dating at the time and aren't any longer. Rice shot several scenes himself, with a Go Pro camera."We wanted to make it real. We didn’t want to do some bulls--t and just go along with the storyline of the song," he says. KITSCH: That could be a silverlining, a blessing in disguise, with the 22 episodes. KITSCH: When we hit camera I would say there were six scripts. ” You’re the only person that had that reaction and it cracked me up. They are about one thing on the page but you can make it about something completely different. We got to be older, but it never really moved out of that genre. We were talking about it when you were thinking about taking the job—that it was Jonas and you had met him. It just seems like a good fit and you don’t even question it. And Jonas too, it was such a collaborative, team effort. There have been some changes behind the scenes as far as what the network wants and trying to find the right tone. With the other one, we started off so young; I was 20 years old playing 18. It’s a really different way of working, and [the director] Jonas [Pate] was great. KITSCH: I worked with him on that fit in seamlessly. I got into that and then just shooting the pilot, you’re coming into a new family and these people that, potentially, you are going to work with for a while and it was just nice to have that.

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