Black black dating interracial man woman

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Her boyfriend I suspect already knows what the score is, hence why he decided to date a non black woman.

How much do you want to bet in the past black women called Cofield’s black boyfriend a lame?

Do you see how black women as a collective will misbehave in any environment?

Besides, I thought that black women weren’t concerned with black men dating and marrying out.

Thinking black men remember, the opinions black women have concerning your dating and marriage choices at this stage are IRRELEVANT.

They detest the fact that black men can date and marry out, they especially hate the fact that black men have more power and reach in the interracial dating market and are involved in interracial relationships at over twice the rate of black women(US-based statistics).

Here in the United Kingdom black men are dating and marrying out at a rate of over 53%(and climbing). It’s not that over half of the black men in the UK suddenly woke up one morning and randomly decided to walk away from black women, this action had been steadily increasing in response to the horrific way in which black women treat black men as well as their anti social, rebellious, violent, nasty, whorish and evil dispositions.

For most black men in the UK SYSBM is a standard practice and had been so for quite some time. I’m guessing that the couple above were at a restaurant and caught the eye of a member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood who decided to use the opportunity to instigate trouble(in 2017 this is what most black women are known for).

Then immediately watch as her countenance changes completely as if she has been given the worst news of her life.

Black women as a collective are insecure, jealous, soulless, demon possessed devil spawn who believe that life’s luxuries and happiness should be reversed for them and them alone.

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