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A Glee, Glee Project, Victorious and Pitch Perfect crossover forum, role play as any of these characters and have fun : D (Character Bio's inside : D) Old members part of the current club, so as well as the Newbies we have the Graduates all attending school together : D Now Introducing The Next Step : D Nickname (If there he/she has one): Rach (Finn, some of her close friends), Berry (Santana, Quinn sometimes, cheerleaders), Hobbit (People who make fun of her sometimes), Rachel (Everyone else) / Gender: Female.

/ Age: 18 / Date of Birth: 29th August / Nationality: American / Personality: Rachel is very determined to be a star.

Family Parents: Isaac & Geraldine Puckerman Siblings: Sarah Puckerman (Younger sister) Jake Puckerman (Half-Brother)Appearance (Mark Salling) Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black Mohawk Height: 6'0" Build: Muscular History: Puck is a wide-receiver on the football team, he fails a lot in school usually because he's never in class and when he is, he's most likely asleep.

Puck is best friend's with Santana, he still loves Quinn mainly because of Beth who he adores and wants to be able to see her again. Nickname (If there he/she has one): Lynn (by Kitty), 19 (By Puck) Gender: Male Age: 16 (Sophomore) Date of Birth: 27th August Nationality: American/Cubin Personality: Kind, funny, snap-jealousy, a complete dork at times.

/ Friends: Rachel's 'friends' with most of the glee club, however some of them may deny this.

However she always says that the glee club are like her family.

She is extremely loyal and states that violence is 'always' the answer.

Family: Parents: Dwight and Mary Evans Siblings: Stevie (10) and Stacey (7) Appearance: (Chord Overstreet) Eyes: Blue-green Hair: Blonde, recently cut again.

She doesn't get along well with people who are stereotypical about her or try to take her place.

She's in love with Sam and they recently got back together with him but then hooked up with Puck at Jake's party and then eventually after kissing Puck again, Sam broke up with her.

She's very protective of her friends, although she claims she hates them all.

School: William Mc Kinley Clubs: Glee Club, Co-Head-Cheerleader.

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