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Steve Jobs Archive is a perfect companion to the bio that lets you watch the historical moments as they unfold in the book.Enjoy the show, and drop me a line if you have an idea for more videos to include!The company proved to be highly successful and within years Gates became an internationally known entrepreneur.

My name is Art Matsak and on this website, I have collected the best Steve Jobs videos and arranged them according to the chapters of the famous biography by Walter Isaacson.The keynote kicked off with a 1983 video of a young Jobs hosting the "Macintosh software dating game" with three software CEOs--Gates, Mitch Kapor of Lotus and Fred Gibbons.In the video, a young Gates in a blue polo shirt tells Jobs how important the Mac is to Microsoft.He has also authored and co-authored several books.The year was 1983, and a 28-year-old Steve Jobs was hosting an Apple event for his employees.

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