Apostolic pentecostal dating

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For us to define a man and a woman as a is not right.

We have marriage—as God established and planned for it to be—and we have sin.

It is short and to the point, and straight out of God’s Word.

I believe if a couple who is serious about getting married implements these suggestions, they will have a strong relationship from the very beginning.

He says if we have a living spouse and we remarry, adultery is involved. If a woman divorces her husband and marries another man, that is adultery.

That is the way Jesus defined it and that is the way we must define it.

I agree that some of the writings of Paul take a little bit of deciphering—you have to stop and think after reading a verse or two.

I really detest the term, I do not have a traditional marriage and neither do you.

You have a marriage, and any attempt to define this union another way goes against God’s plan. He put them together in the Garden of Eden, blessed them, and through them all of us have life.

Even those of us who have been married a little longer can benefit from implementing into our marriage some of these suggestions that we either have forgotten or maybe never knew—things that make a marriage strong. Each one of these letters, L-A-S-T, makes a point and we will go through them one by one.

At the conclusion, I believe you will agree that it is a very good list for nurturing strong marriages. This next passage of Scripture has been used as an illustration of seeking God’s will.

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