Answer dating interracial scripture

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By Kelli Mahoney, Guide Question: Is Interracial Dating Biblical?

Unfortunately prejudice and racism is still a worldwide issue.

But God has shown me that I should not call any man impure or unclean.’” So, Is It Biblical?

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Some people may find that gossip is more alluring than sex.For instance, if you find gossip a great temptation then pray every night for the strength to overcome the gossip.Ask God to provide you with the strength to walk away from the gossip and to know what information is gossip and what is real information. Avoid the Temptation When we know what temptations are being the most difficult, we can prepare ourselves for those situations.Others may find that even holding a date’s hand is too much of a temptation.When you know what tempts you the most you can be proactive about handling that temptation. Pray About the Temptation Most Christian teens know the temptations that are difficult to overcome.

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