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Her other hand snaked down between her thighs to spread the petals of her soaking wet little pussy. She teased her horny pussy through two more intense little climaxes before she was ready to pull her pants back on and go back to work.

She shook as soon as the tip of her finger touched her sensitive little button. There would be plenty of time that night to give her horny little pussy the intense working-over that it wanted.

Unfortunately, there was too much that had to be done.

There were the interminable doctor's appointments, the follow-up surgeries to remove the metal pins and meshes that had been holding his shattered bones together, and the endless physical therapy.

They don’t pray for people to die, but when that happens, they get a job. So, If you think their job is as easy as they make it look, try it on your dead dog. Yes, it wouldn’t be a lavish relationship, but your needs would be met.

Taking their job aside, but do you know that undertakers can be sweet to be with?

They are caring and hardworking, which is a requirement for every relationship. This is evident in the way they treat and care for dead bodies before burial.

But, I believe you know the difference between being religious and spiritual.

Because being spiritual is an important aspect of human life.

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