Am i shallow dating am dating i interracial not single

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But the last guy you dated was a jerk who didn't care about you. Not all finance guys are total douchebags, after all.

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You don't hook up with people you see regularly unless you're looking for trouble.

As a girl, I would match with pretty much everyone I swiped right to or had interest in (because guys swipe right to everybody? If you're not comparable to society's standard of beauty you're treated like shit, and if you do meet that standard you're treated as a sexual objective. Pre-technology people would be forced to get to know someone before deciding if they wanted to date them.

) , but when the guys started talking to me they didn't care about who I was as a person eventhough I wrote down my interests and filled the description. TLDR: Online dating = Looking at faces and ignoring what's inside.

Being physically attractive as a woman is still the most important thing.

I have a great, funny profile but it’s pointless if no one reads it and just unmatches due to my appearance (which I can only do so much about without becoming dishonest).

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