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In general, they look more like Spanish girls, but sweeter.Their facial features are really very exotic and hot.In case your beloved one needs to get some documents or you are going to start a business in Romania, the paperwork process will be never-ending.

Romania can again be compared to Russia and Ukraine as well as other “strict” countries like France, because of its utmost bureaucracy.

But if you need a good cook at home, better become one, as not all Romanian girls are great cooks.

It’s common for Romania to bottle marinated veggies before the winter season, but their hot meals are questionable.

It’s about the spices and combinations they use, the taste is usually not understood by foreigners. And we don’t mean Dracula who lived in Transylvania.

If they learn the cuisine of other countries, then it will be ok. First of all, visiting Romania and getting involved with a local girl, you should always show your respect towards older people.

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