Aibu saki and hayami mokomichi dating

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I’ve only recently started watching and finished all the eight episodes that are currently out within 48 hours! The supporting actress 张钧甯 (also appearing in 白色巨塔, White Tower) has been nominated for an Golden Horse award. There’s also the typical love triangle: rich boy, poor boy, and cute girl. Sadly, Danson is not the lead (as seen in the poster). Number of Episodes: 13 Broadcaster: CTV/GTV Airing Date: 05/2008 – 07/2008 Where to watch? It stars 阮經天 (Ethan Ruan) who has only played minor roles in Summer x Summer and Hana Kimi.

The first episode (sans subtitles) is already available for download at for those of you who can understand Chinese: [Update 07/25/08] I never made it past the first episode. Read the rest of this entry » ISWAK 2, They Kiss Again, sadly just ended last Sunday but I’ve already found a new drama to watch! It also stars 陳喬恩 (Joe Chen) from 王子變青蛙/The Prince Who Turned Into A Frog and 剪刀石頭布/Rock Paper Scissors.

The first episodes, as always, start pretty slowly.

I’ve attached the first part of the first episode I found on Youtube. 07/25/08 Update: Fated is getting really good after the first couple episodes.

There, Saburo meets Nobunaga Oda who looks and sounds just like Saburo.

Nobunaga Oda is the son of a warlord and magistrate of the lower Owari Province.

Last Friends, of course, still has that Asian drama feel but everyone is different this time.

The hero is a girl by the name of Ruku who is determined to save her friend Michiru from an abusive relationship which is not so easy for Michiru to leave behind.

The typical homosexual (very common in Taiwanese drama) is a side character that provides comic relief only and abusive relationship occur only so that the hero can assert his courage and save his love from an evil ex-boyfriend.Now that the series is coming to an end, the viewership is at a high.Ethan made the bet to swim naked because he didn’t expect the ratings to shoot so high. Perhaps it’s because of the current lack of Taiwanese television or FTKY is really that good, Click on ‘Read the rest of this entry” to see the first episode with English subtitles.Throw in someone else with a complicated love history and is silently in love with Ruku and you have an emotions filled drama.Each character has their only story to tell and everyone faces a different challenge.

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