Adult x rated websites

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Despite the handwringing, however, only a handful of investigators have examined the validity of these concerns.

Many are reluctant to explore the topic, thanks to its morally loaded nature, the methodological challenges of Web pornography's effects on children studying an underage population, and the difficulty in showing whether exposure to online porn actually changes sexual attitudes and behavior."We need a lot more research to keep tabs on this phenomenon and to separate hype from reality," says sociologist David Finkelhor, Ph D, director of the University of New Hampshire's (UNH) Crimes Against Children Research Center and a lead researcher in the area.

"These kids have rules, and they're following those rules."Protect or educate?

It's too early to say what these findings mean--or even what to do if clearer results are shown.

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In the UNH team's study, for instance, 38 percent of 16- and 17-yea-rold male Internet users deliberately visited X-rated sites in the past year, compared with 8 percent of girls.

In an as-yet-unpublished study, he found that young people's actions on My Space--including looking at others' risqué poses, displaying their own and tapping into porn links--are strongly influenced by parenting styles.

His team asked parents and young people to rate the way parents monitored young people's computer use, dividing parents into four categories: authoritative, combining warmth and control; authoritarian, melding control and low warmth; indulgent, displaying warmth and low control; and neglectful, combining low warmth and low control.

Such publications provide photographs or other illustrations of nudity and sexual activities, including oral sex, anal sex, and other various forms of such activities.

These magazines primarily serve to stimulate sexual thoughts and emotions.

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