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If there’s one area in which native advertising reigns supreme, it’s adapting to its environment and blending in.

Companies like the one I work for, MGID, which create targeted ad campaigns for a number of organisations in different industries, employ this tactic when working with dating brands as well.

At its core, native advertising can be defined as digital ads that match the environment of a website or an app, and offer a logical content extension of the ecosystem on which they appear.

There are numerous formats of native, including articles, widgets and videos; and more will inevitably hit the market in the future.

International dating site, Anastasia Date, which has a user base of 4 million, has recently profited by utilising high-quality, seamless ads.

Through MGID’s native campaign on its behalf, Anastasia Date’s page views averaged 23 per session.

Here are a few things advertisers and marketers can learn from dating brands: If it doesn’t get the attention of your target audience, then an advertisement has no purpose.

Advertising that facilitates or promotes hate speech is not allowed, whether directed at an individual or a group.Related: Top Trends for Native Advertising If Tinder’s native advertising initiative with “The Mindy Project” is any indication, it pays to target a popular show your key demographic is watching.One of the main draws of watching a show like “The Mindy Project” is being able to like and identify with the characters therein.Microsoft does not accept advertising for illegal products or services.Additionally, Microsoft reserves the right to refuse advertising for certain content, products and services if the legality or regulatory status of the item is unclear.

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