Active screenupdating false

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Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) 'Step 1: Declare Variables Dim str Range As String 'Step2: Build the range string str Range = Target. Address 'Step 3: Pass the range string to a Range Range(str Range).Firstly, I will say this is a dreadful piece of code.

active screenupdating false-30

active screenupdating false-8

Screen Updating = True As to the how or why of this behaviour I don't know (yet).Dear wise women and men, trying to copy both the values and the format of a certain range from one worksheet to another I am faced with two problems: a) how can I copy something without having to previously add ".select"?(in the end I want to avoid any screen flickering) b) how can I copy both the values and the format in one line (currently I have to use two lines) Current problem: Below you can find a code snippet which is repitetiously launched in order to copy data( format) from many sheets to one sheet, there is other code as well (not shown here), which is launched in between (dealing with charts and pictures). I have set screen updating to false while most of the code runs but every now and again I turn it to true and straight back to false.In 2003, 20 this allows the screen to temporarily update. How can I make Excel 2013 temporarily update the screen mid-macro? Screen Updating = False ' Do loads of stuff here Application.

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