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Nothing is off limits - especially when it comes to convo surrounding dating.

This week I'm in Boston visiting my bestie Samantha for some early birthday celebrations.

In this episode, nothing is off limits - from nyc apartment hunting stories to dating troubles to personal life issues - Alyssa and Heather cover it all.

Alyssa sits down with Paige De Sorbo of Bravo TV’s Summer House.

The two chat through their similarities when it comes to being Italian, their dating styles, love for fashion and obsession with pop-culture.

Get to know Paige a little better and laugh along as the girls have a fun and candid conversation.

On today’s episode, Alyssa is joined by her older sister and best friend, Jackie.

She bravely opens up about some of the toughest times in her life including having suicidal thoughts and dealing with bullying.

Alyssa's good friend and photographer, Lauren Listor of @Laurel Creative, is on the podcast this week.

She also answers your career questions as they pertain to influencer stuff and public relations. Alyssa is joined by friend Lexi Stout to answer all of your questions - from family drama, to financial troubles to dating disasters - the girls give their honest and hilarious advice.

If you're not already following Heather Mc Mahan on Instagram, you're going to want to after listening to this episode.

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